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Banned and Sorry Empty Banned and Sorry

Post  pancakem on Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:51 am

Just recently I was banned for greifing and i admit to doing this, but i don't think its fair when i got greifed that no one did anything about it but when i greifed there was an admin(dc) and a moderator(Kifis) on my case and the only way they found out that i did this was by puting dirt block where kifis's stuff was missing. What im saying is that why did they do that for me its not fair just because kifis is a moderator that he can do this also hes a mod cant he just spawn the items back also i told them i did it and i offered for some items to apologize and they didnt accept them and they banned me. So what im saying is that was an unfair ban and im sorry for greifing so please consider in unbanning me.


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