Banned what happend?

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Banned what happend?

Post  Link1236 on Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:43 pm

I was just banned when i logged into my game i do't know what happend i got on and noticed all of my stuff was gone when i was banned it said i greifed but i dont live near people i went away to get away from them it could of been when i was helping people out and i couldnt get in i was trying to help fix their machines but uit was private (this was today) but every time i did something i would repair what i broke so i dont know what happend


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Re: Banned what happend?

Post  DJRastafari on Thu May 03, 2012 1:32 am

You had been logged in a massive grief, there were several others, I personally checked the griefs, your name showed up on approximatly 25% or 1/4 of all the griefed materials, none of them were there anymore, so once again, you seem to lie. Because if you'd fix what you break, why weren't the things I had to go and check fixed by you?


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