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Post  Exhar Khun on Wed May 02, 2012 7:16 pm

Real Name: (Jacob)
Why: I want to have some degree of order in the Hack/Mine server. I led a clan in Jedi Academy for two years, and was an admin in many other games.
Age: 20
Experience: I led a Jedi Academy clan for two years. It was very successful. I led a very successful PvP guild in WoW for one year. I was an admin in a Wolfenstein ET clan for a year.
Experience with the mods?: Started last week.
Time zone: -6:00
How often do you play: Erryday
Other info: In my first day of playing I got to level 80. I was level 110 by the time this latest patch came out.
I actually have more experience leading clans than just about everyone in this server probably.
I'm nice.

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