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Post  Themus1c1an on Sat May 12, 2012 5:10 pm

Real Name: Keeghan
Why: I would like to become mod so that I can assist the running of your (Yamahantro's) Hack/Mine server. I would be a good mod because I am painfully honest, and really dislike it when people ruin others' experiences.
Age: 15
Experience: I have no previous experience being a mod, but I can enforce the rules and help people just as well as anyone else.
Experience with the mods?: I have particular experience with Hack/Mine, although i am familiar with most, if not all the mods in tekkit.
Time zone: Pacific Time Zone
How often do you play: I play everyday for around 2 - 4 hours.
Other info: I would appreciate the chance to help moderate your server, and make the experience more fun for everyone. Also, I would like to thank you, regardless of whether this appeal goes through, for providing a wonderful server for many people to enjoy.
Do you agree that if you spawn items for yourself or others not to replace griefed items but for personal use you will be removed from your mod position and possibly banned. I agree to this completely.


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