Logan K. Jension's Application for Mod, AKA Xgames360.

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Logan K. Jension's Application for Mod, AKA Xgames360. Empty Logan K. Jension's Application for Mod, AKA Xgames360.

Post  Xgames360 on Wed May 30, 2012 4:19 pm

Your In-game Name Here
Real Name: Logan K. Jension
Why: I, logan K. Jension, think that I would be a good mod on your Hack/Mine mod server because I have experience with helping out bukkit minecraft server and I want to try helping out a Modded Server, I can help with plugins, once you acquire bukkit of course. I am also a 6/10 builder, so building is not my best skill but I can build some things. I also am good with red stone probably a 7/10, piston doors. traps, stuff like that. Helping is also something am good at, when someone calls on me for it, chances are all be there to help, wether its lag, where I must reset the server, to someone breaking rules, like PvP at spawn. I do my best to help when ever I can. But sometimes when help calls I can't always answer my phone.
Age: 16
Experience: I have not been a mod on a different server, but I do run a server that me and my friends play on to every now and then, it has a couple plugins, custom made by friends, so I do have experience on how to install and restart the server.
Experience with the mods?: Um mods as in Moderaters? Yes, I had to make some people mods on my server so friends would not seek revenge by destroying my server, it was hard to pick who, but in the end, it was not even my best friend who got the place, it was the man with the best application, and I was glade that I did not pick my best friend, because I learned, later on in my life, that he was a suck-up, he only wanted to be my friend for my minecraft server.
Time zone: EST
How often do you play: On week-days: 4 hours, On weekends: 5-10 hours.
Other info: ING: Xgames360, Loves: Fighting mobs, helping, exploring, an many other things.
PLEASE add your name to the title of the post! IGN name.
Do you agree that if you spawn items for yourself or others not to replace griefed items but for personal use you will be removed from your mod position and possibly banned. I, Logan K. Jension, agree to tearms of being a mod.


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