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Post  NikNakFl on Sun Jun 10, 2012 5:23 pm

Real Name: Nik Kirstein
Why: I wish to become a mod, to stop griefing and help others. It's been insane the amount of griefs lately, and I wish I could something to help solve the problem. I'v been on this server a long time. Not as long as boobo, but longer than most.
Age: 15
Experience: I have never been a mod.
Experience with the mods?: The mods completely can vouch 100% that I am a very good player, and wish to help people. Boobo, and Rick, and visited the our town and talked to us many times, and I feel that they will have nothing negative to say.
Time zone: Arizona time.
How often do you play: Every day, for most of the day.
Other info: I love this server.
PLEASE add your name to the title of the post! IGN name.
Do you agree that if you spawn items for yourself or others not to replace griefed items but for personal use you will be removed from your mod position and possibly banned. I agree.


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Post  DJRastafari on Mon Jun 11, 2012 5:29 am

Experience with the mods?

That's as in with the mods in Tekkit, not the moderators, thought I'd clear that out.


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