OYNMH225's Moderator Resignation

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OYNMH225's Moderator Resignation Empty OYNMH225's Moderator Resignation

Post  OYNMH225 on Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:11 pm

Dear Yam, Admins, Moderators, and other players

As of today I am asking that Yam or someone who has access to the console demote me. This is not due to error on my part but that I feel that it is time for me to leave the server’s regulatory staff. Nuke Gaming is one of the first servers I played on and out of all the ones I have played on, the only one that I still have ties with.
When I first came to Nuke Gaming I only had a few people that I could play Minecraft with; thanks to almost everyone on this server that number has expanded from two or three to most likely more than fifty. Nuke Gaming has and will always be looked upon in my memories with fondness and a smile. I will always remember the first Damascus, New Damascus, and the Nuke Alliance. It saddens me to leave the regulatory staff even now.
I would like to make it clear that my resignation is not due to anything that I have done on the server or to cover my trail before anyone else can do anything about it. I am leaving of my own accord and due to multiple reasons, some related to the server itself and others not. Several of the reasons are:

1. Tekkit and Technic are currently not working on my computer, even though I have the newest version and both the applet and the plain program.
2. My teamspeak has been down for many months and my attempts to fix the bug have not worked.
3. Recent problems have forced me to evaluate parts of the server and information I was given by admins, mods, and another source have impacted my decision.
4. I have also accepted a position with a person for a job that will take me to many servers and probably begin to take up most of my time. I feel that the admins and mods we have should spend good, quality time on the server everyday, since I will not be able to fulfill that due to this new position I have decided to step down.
5. I am also working on making a server and that has ended up becoming a continuous time drain as well. Many mods and admins from Nuke Gaming will know this as they have been interviewed for positions on this server.

I would like to thank many of the players and admins (who are too numerous to name here) for their continued support and kindness they have extended to me from the first time I came on the server to this day. I am truly in debt to many people on this server who have taught me many things. While I am leaving for a three week camp on the 6th of July, I am unavailable after then until the 22nd of July.


Should you wish to contact me regarding this decision or for other purposes, you can reach me at these places:
Should you have my Skype I am also currently on most of the day, due note it is Eastern Standard Time for me.

I will be more than happy to address personal and other concerns that you may raise, if it may be of a sensitive nature to others, please use my email or Skype. Please also send your in-game name as well so I know who you are. Due note that I will not be accepting people coming to me asking to be mod/admin on the server I'm working on, it will most likely get you blacklisted on that list. Yes, I do have that power.

Once again Thank You,


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