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Crown Conquest Tekkit Empty Crown Conquest Tekkit

Post  Cokie on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:47 pm

Hello and i am cookiedude123. I am going to make the game mode Crown Conquest in Tekkit. I could do this (I think) and i would like your full support on this project. I will need certain things, A land space that is flat with mountains surrounding it, A guy who is good with redstone and tekkit and Myecelium (mushroom biome dirt). It won't be exactly the same and it might not be a crown that you will be chasing. Since this is going to be a tekkit crown conquest, I would like it to have Tekkit things in it soo it will be a Machines vs Magic world thing. Also there won't be lava but instead Tesla coils and they have to cross it to win. I am still thinking about my ideas and i would also like people to help me out with certain things like the special weapons and item testing.

P.S: After this project, Please can i not be a admin or a mod or something. I hate them and i am trying to kill them soo by using this, I can have a chance to kill them. Also don't ban me


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Crown Conquest Tekkit Empty I'll Join

Post  abbe321 on Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:25 pm

hey my IGN is sanafers123 and im good at building if you say 10 to 0 it would be 8 and redstoning 10 of 5


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