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The server changed..... Empty The server changed.....

Post  cookiedude123 on Fri Sep 14, 2012 5:22 pm

Hello and i am cookiedude123. I was recently in this server and got banned (kinda griefed spawn). Anyway before i left there was small factors that would be likely the fall of the server. From the letter from the OYMNH something, he made me realise things that are true and that it was'nt the server i used to love. Basiclly the server became kinda corrputed since boobo brcame part owner. I dunno why but his ways are evil. I had a encounter with him and he basiclly treat people as a target and kills them. I know because he put me in jail and just kill me there. There were things that was removed in the server that i like and i dunno what it is but it's bad. Basiclly when i came to this server, I had tons of fun and i met good friends (kifis,void,panna, etc) and i met people that i hate but they don't try and /kill you (ewan and some other people).Basiclly i am a person that wants people to have a good minecraft exprience and in the old map, i was trying to create a city called Tekkitaria. This is the place where people can have fun.

I am a person that helps people out without a intention of being a mod or admin. But when i came back from my holiday, i changed a lot and i became a troller. I used the philosipher stone to bring the roof down to the shop and just change the blocks around spawn. I also killed a tons of people with dynamite (obtained from boobo) and tons of poeple got pissed and someone left. I dunno what came over me but maybe something in my mind is saying that this server is'nt worth going to anymore. It was'nt the server where there are people having fun and just trying to play minecraft. It became a server that i feared and i was hoping that this day will never come. I was not saying this becuase of the reset of the map but because of the new things that changed the way this server works.

Even though i am a outcast of this server, Ill still help them and hoping that one day they will be back on their usual self.

Cookiedude123, Signing off for the last time...... probably


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