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Post  cookiedude123 on Fri Sep 14, 2012 5:32 pm

Yes i am cookiedude123 and i just wanted to continue my legacy for Tekkitaria. I won't be able to see it's progress but i just want the server to have a place where peace happens. Basicly this is a city with houses and shops. The houses are going to be small and not mansiony and the shops are going to be like corner shops (not big like a giant mall). This design will allow more space in the city but as well for other people to live and to make their won buisness without being intimidated by the size or the content of another building. There will be basic building that will be created by the owner and it's friends like the library, park etc. I also want it to have a event portal so people can celebrate hollidays or birthdays. I hope that this city will help people even though i am not in the server. You can create it and invite people to it and help each other out like notch intended.

Hope that you will be able to create it



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