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Post  kallekulle on Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:49 pm

Real Name: Ronny Granlund

Why: Well, I want to become a mod beacouse I want to help this nice community. I like it alot, I spend my days here, but as I cant donate, (no PayPal) I want to help the server out anyways, and the admins if possible. Therefore, I'd like to become a mod, so I can let the admins, well, be adminny, and focus on making this server a better place, and lifting a bit off theyr pressure off theyr shoulders.

Age: 14

Experience: Been here, done that. Been mods a few times, admins 2 times on a few smaller servers. Nothing to brag about, but enough experience.

Experience with the mods?: I started playing Minecraft, back in Alpha, around 10th of october. Back then, I didn't know a squat. Well, lets skip my history, and go forth. I started modding in beta 1.2_01, and from there I've been modding more and more, well, not modding, but adding mods. I dont know anything about how to mod, but I've figured out most of the stuff in tekkit pack, so Im quite proud over myself.

Time zone: GMT +2, Finland

How often do you play: ahh, good question. From the point that I get home til' I go to bed. 3pm to 10-11 pm weekdays (sunday-thursday) and 3pm to 1-6am weekends (friday, saturday), and I play here every day of the week.

Other info: Not much to say, 14 years old, live in Finland. My other things than computer is fishing and hunting, biggest catch is a pike on 8.9kg, put up a good fight for a 11 years old boy. I always try to help out here, solve issues and assist if necessery.


Thanks for reading guys! I hope you'll take me into consideration,


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Post  Palmboompje on Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:31 pm

That's quite the fish you caught there


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