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Cryght's Application. Empty Cryght's Application.

Post  Cryght on Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:09 am

Your In-game: Cryght
Real Name: Brandon.
Why: I've noticed the strain upon the server, how many i've seen break the rules, yet get by with it, the amount of matters that can occur, while majority of what mods we do have are not online to handle the situations due to lack of expirence, or not being able to handle situations.
Age: 25.
Experience:I've been Co-Owner to the server Atlantis, up until its deceased state, I've been an server admin for NSB craft for over a year, along with running my own Invasion mod server. I know how to handle the players keeping myself seen as a mod, instead of a manipulated toy, or one without any cause.
Experience with the mods?: I am well versed with E.E, along with buildcraft, and some of Industrial, I Do unlike others Read the Wikipedias per each mod, throughly. and I have so far helped out some of the other players with understanding some mechanics. and pointing them in directions to the wikis.
Time zone: Central Time Zone.
How often do you play: Quite long, at most at least ten hours or more a day, I'm often online alot, since I've been building up my mega-structure.
Other info: Add what else you want to say here. :: I'm an Dedicated Mega-structure builder, and redstone engineer, I've played minecraft since 1.7 and have used multitudes of mods, I also know Plugin configs for various plugins having been mod to bukkit servers in the past, and assisting in understanding the plugns, I dont know code, or any of the coder field, but I am activly online, and will check to ensure fair gameplay.

Also I understand that Spawning items for players is strictly forbidden and can cause in removeal of mod, and ban.


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Cryght's Application. Empty Accepted!

Post  Yamahanytro on Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:41 pm

Welcome to the nukegaming staff! You must understand you will start as trialmod then if your good you will get full modship! We do hold the right to take modship away if you are not helping the server when needed.


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