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Szadeh4526 mod application Empty Szadeh4526 mod application

Post  szadeh4526 on Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:40 pm

Real Name: (Self explanatory)
Why: Explain here why you want to become a mod. Also explain why you would be a good one.
Age: Just some extra info. Don't lie about your age.
Experience: Have you been a owner/admin/mod/op to a server for? Tell me about it.
Experience with the mods?:
Time zone:
How often do you play:
Other info: Add what else you want to say here.
PLEASE add your name to the title of the post! IGN name.
Do you agree that if you spawn items for yourself or others not to replace griefed items but for personal use you will be removed from your mod position and possibly banned.

in game name: Szadeh4526
real name: Ben Bridgeman
why: I wish to be granted the honorable title of moderator in order to help better the server by aiding other players and preserving the sanctity and peace for ages to come. I will bring an age of prosperity over the new server and will follow all rules, regulations, and requests to the letter and safely. I love Yamcraft and have been playing on the server since the original server came out so long ago!
age: i am 15 years of age coming on 16
experience: I have been a mod on yamcraft. while mod i protected and served yamcraft religiously!
time zone: eastern standard timezone
how often i play: i play very often but primarily on weekends and after school unless i am sick.
additional info: i love yamcraft! plus yam is sexy and wonderful! i appreciate you taking the time to look over my application!
agreement: i agree that to the terms not to spawn items for myself or others for personal use at all what so ever.


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Szadeh4526 mod application Empty oh i didnt understand experience with mods.

Post  szadeh45 on Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:47 pm

my experience with mods is pretty good. i have been using tekkit for quite a while now and have recently begun exploring tons of other mods and such so i would say pretty moderate experience


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