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Post  hawk5602 on Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:40 am

This is a great server with a great community and ill gladly help on the staff end. I have been mod on old servers so i know the in and out's of the job. I was going to be head mod on the new server were making but that is still in the works. I can be very helpful on this server because i know a medium amount of all the mods and uses. I know as being an owner u have to pick and chose wisely. I know some people are right for the job and some arnt cause ive had to pick moderators b4 and it's not always easy. And here is an example mr shockz just ran up to me threw me a bunch of high quality items and told me they were a gift and i turned around and asked every one to check there belongings to see if they were robbed. Yam and sniper take me into consideration and if i get it i get it and if i don't im not gonna cry about it.


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