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server back up? Empty server back up?

Post  dcleondc on Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:34 am

we dont know when the server will be back up, it will not be back up till the server owner gets home from Texas and we dont know when that will be, but when he does get back yam will be upgrading the server to a dedicated server with 16GB of ram, not all this ram will be for the one server, yam planes on dividing it off to start up a new server (dont know what kind yet) but when that happens we might get the plugin to have multiply words on the Nuke Gaming server. So with all this ram (we have 2GB ATM) the server will run way better and we should not have any more problems with the server being to leggy to play on. but the server can only stay this way if we can get donations to pay for it and keep it running, but when the server is back up we will let you know.!


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