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Post  Cactus62 on Sun Apr 08, 2012 7:39 pm

Hey. Cactus here.
Yesterday, I crafted a white alchemy bag and packed pretty much all my belongings into it preparation for switch to the dedicated server. (Cryght gave me one, but then the server crashed and rolled back.)
However, this morning I looked inside and saw that it was completely empty.
At first I thought "Well, maybe the inventory just got transferred or something!" and I couldn't stay on for long, so I logged off.
When I came back this afternoon, I asked hawk and some others if they're alchemy bag inventories were missing, too. They said theirs' was just fine and no transferring had been done. Starting to panic a little, I grabbed some red and yellow dyes and made different colored bags, but they were also empty. I even turned the bag back to white and threw it out of my inventory to see if a small glitch or something had occurred, but nothing worked.
I also noticed a few other strange things, like my home warps disappearing, actually being able to use kits, and my transmutation tablet, which I kept in my main inventory, had un-learned all the items I put into it.
So I have to ask...
What happened to my stuff?


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