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Post  laxman95 on Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:50 pm

Real Name: Jake graham
Why: Explain here why you want to become a mod. Also explain why you would be a good one. - i want to become a mod to help stop the greifers from destroying everything. also to better the community be picking out the bad people.
Age: I an 14 years old
Experience: I own a server right mow so i know my way around the commands and such.
Experience with the mods?: been using them sense they ever came out.
Time zone: Eastern
How often do you play: every day for 2-4 hours
Other info: I think i covered everything!!!
PLEASE add your name to the title of the post! IGN name.
Do you agree that if you spawn items for yourself or others not to replace griefed items but for personal use you will be removed from your mod position and possibly banned.
-100% agree!!!


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