Grass1234/angelis11 is me Mod application

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Grass1234/angelis11 is me Mod application Empty Grass1234/angelis11 is me Mod application

Post  angelis11 on Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:15 pm

Experience of mod:I woulb be Greatifull if i become mod my experience are:Statues,Pixel arts,HOuses,Castles,i wil lbe happy i can help everyone in the server :3
Why do u want to become a a mod?Because my brother kifis is saying me that i need to b one like him and i would be Happy if I can help All and Everyone in the server so they can respect,help Re-makign griefed things and be respect with admins and Technician
Real name: Emilio Aceves Fernandez
Where do u live?Mexico
WHen do u start playing mincraft? in Alpha
Ty for read this app i will be there and helping all in the server!


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