I thought this guy was banned.

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I thought this guy was banned. Empty I thought this guy was banned.

Post  Cactus62 on Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:20 pm

A while ago, I got attacked and killed repeatedly at spawn by someone with a name "jdis" (followed by some numbers). He killed me 4 or 5 times with lighting and took what I was carrying. When I asked why, he said he did it "Because he could" then claimed it wasn't his fault because "pvp was enabled". He left, and Dc helped me recover my alchemy bags and my rending gale that I lost.
Fast forward to now, me, oynmh, shadow, adamomega, and derive1 are at Damascus, searching various towns in the Nuke Alliance for signs of griefing after Damascus and other places were damaged with destruction catalysts. Back at Damascus, OYNMH is asking a non-resident to leave. I warp to Damascus to find out what's going on, and who was this person's name? Jdis12837.
I assumed that the person who killed me repeatedly was banned, but I guess it's possible that my killer was really just someone impersonating jdis12837 (maybe with jdis in their username but with different numbers) but even jdis 12837 seemed suspicious and didn't (appear) to answer OYNMH and me when I asked him if he was the same jdis who killed me.
UPDATE: Apparently he just went into someone's cave/home and mined diamond and tungsten out too? Rudedude1444 just got into an argument with him because he came into their cave and mined some diamond and tungsten out of it because "He found it fair and square". Probably want to ask Rudedude about that.

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