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Post  Cactus62 on Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:20 am

IGN: Cactus62 (same as forum name)

Real Name: Tyler

Why: At first I was skeptical because of all the other mod applications, but I decided to go for it. I want to be a mod because I think the more protection, the better. I appreciate the current admins and mods (and trial-mods!) for what they do, but there are times when they're already occupied or there's nobody online to help, especially in critical situations. I think I'd be a good moderator because I don't think ends justify means and I understand that rules have implications (Like 'no griefing' meaning no stealing AND no messing with other peoples' property... that may seem kind of obvious, but apparently there are a few trolls who don't understand this? Razz).

Age: early 17.

Experience: I have been an admin for another server: On a game called "King Arthur's Gold", I help administrate my clan's server, doing stuff like banning griefers and chat spammers (oh GOD, the CHAT SPAMMERS D:).

Experience with the mods?: Pretty much all of the server's mods I've met are not only helpful but nice, and have been willing to make the extra effort when they honestly didn't have to Razz But also, they know how to just have fun as a normal player, which makes it easier to get along with them, I think.

Time zone: GMT -8 (Pacific Time)

How often do you play: Anywhere from 10 minutes to maybe 4-5 hours a day. I try to get on at least once a day Very Happy

Other info: I realize that there are a lot of other mod applications, so it might be a while (if ever, that is) that you even consider my application... but hey, what can I say? I love this server and want to help keep it fun for everyone, and if I ever become accepted, I promise that I'll try my best to be a good mod and a good person.

Do you agree that if you spawn items for yourself or others not to replace griefed items but for personal use you will be removed from your mod position and possibly banned: Yes, I understand this and agree with this.


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