(TAKEN CARE OF)Whole Alchemy bag inv GONE!!!

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(TAKEN CARE OF)Whole Alchemy bag inv GONE!!! Empty (TAKEN CARE OF)Whole Alchemy bag inv GONE!!!

Post  shadmansheikh2 on Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:52 am

I had almost 10 alchemy bag full of stuff items, and everything from this is gone. IDK how this happened.

3 energy conden
redpower uu factory things
4 stacks 64 rm
2 stack 64 dm,+9
mass fab
nuclear reactor+ coolant cells, urainum cells, etc
Bunch of ores, copper, tin, bronze, iron, redefined iron.
I really rather have items in bags to come back again, rather than just spawning it cause i did foreget the stuff in there,
Im missing almost 3 full alchemy bags worth of stuff Sad. Plz fix Very Happy
130:1 3x
150:2 10x
136:2304 64x
150:5 10 x
227:2 1x
27563 4stacks
27541 2 stacks
250:14 1x
250:11 3x
246:5 1x
233 2x
30206 10x
30204 5x
246:1 20x
30125 40x
30125:1 40x
30125:2 40x
30188 3stacks
30187 64x
230 28x
231 64x

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