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Post  Vaude on Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:32 am

Real Name: Will S.
Why: I am a 50$ donator, i LOVE this server. However good thing attract bad, and id like to help stop it. I have previous Authority skillz. I also want to protect my investment!!!
Age: 15.5 (> 2 months till b day ((may 6))
Experience: 1 admin, 1 mod, and trusted users on multiple servers.
Experience with the mods?: Ive had minecraft since 1.1.2 alpha. Ive modded since beta 1.5, i love IC2 and buildcraft especially
Time zone: Gmt -5 (Eastern time zone)
How often do you play: Almost all day on weekends, a few hours depending on what i have going on is usually more than 2 hours.
Other info: Hardcore Minecrafter, and heavy investor in the server.


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